The Story Behind iTea’s Ceramic Ware.

Considered to be the ceramic ware capital of the world, Chaozhou China, was the place

iTea went to find the very best teapots and cups for our customers. A renowned Chaozhou ceramic ware manufacturer has exclusively designed and manufactured our tea wares to iTea’s high standard. Our teapots are well balanced, will not dribble when poured, the lid will not fall off when tipped and they are sturdy enough for everyday use without being too heavy. The teapots have these elements due to the well positioned handle and spout which are very important when designing a teapot and most importantly our teapots all include an infuser so that our teas can be enjoyed without fuss.

The large ceramic cups and saucers that have been added to iTea’s range are large, artsy and designed with style for everyday use. The cups are well balanced and the saucers large enough to hold that something extra we all enjoy with our ‘cuppa’.

We have two shapes available a 500ml fine china, long slender teapot available in WHITE with an infuser inside to make it easy for pouring the teas. The other is available in both white and brown and is a 700ml bone china teapot also with an infuser. The tea cups are available in white.

White Teardrop Cup

Urban Teapot available in Taupe and White


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