Party Ideas With A Difference

ImageWant to make you next party really special? Whether it is a birthday party or a lovely bridal shower a tea party can make it a really special event.

Have you ever thought how often you’ve seen children playing with a tea set, why not a tea party for a kid’s birthday party? Invite her friends oImagever for a day of dress up and tea. Set a table, add some little cakes and sandwiches and of course some lovely caffeine free rooibos tea. Strawberry cream or orange sunburst, children will love the fruity flavours on offer.

Why not consider having a Mother/Daughter tea party this mother’s day it is a great way to spend quality time together.

For the bride to be or the mother to be, having a tea party for your bridal or baby shower is a novel idea. There are beautiful white teas that are light and delicate or chose one of the other hand blended teas that iTea range offers. To make it a real event try our range of blooming teas that can either be drunk on their own or combined with one of our other fruity teas.

Your Tea Party Checklist

  1. Create a guest list and send invitations specifying what type of tea you are having: Devonshire Tea, Light Tea or High Tea!Image
  2. Create a tea menu including some of your more traditional teas and then add some funky ones as well.
  3. If you are using centrepieces for your table, chose flowers whose scent will not over power the aroma of your teas.
  4. Use pretty cups and teapots.
  5. But overall remember to have fun!

If you need help in planning your Tea Party remember the staff at iTea are here to help.


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