The Benefits of Peppermint Tea

herbal peppermint tea closeup macro outdoor summer geen leaves

A herb prized for its medicinal benefits and distinctive flavour, peppermint is a naturally occurring hybrid of spearmint and water mint.. Unlike other mints, peppermint contains healing oils and powerful therapeutic ingredients such as menthol, as well as some 40 other compounds.

As a native of the mediterranean peppermint leaves have been used in Ancient Rome and Greece to crown luminairies. We feel a better use is make a minty refreshing tea that can be enjoyed both hot and cold. As it is not a true tea but a tisane it is naturally caffeine free.

Personally, I have used Peppermint for years to help with digestive problems. It can help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, help ease nausea and vomitting and ….excuse me!…. help with flatulence.farting-man When dealing with our other end it can help with bad breath and reduce heartburn.

Peppermint tea is good to have when fighting a cold as it clears congestion and reduces coughing.

And if that’s not enough to convince you to have a cup of Peppermint Tea in this mad busy world it will help reduce your stress levels.


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